LeaseMaker®  Pro iPhone/iPad App


Turn more ups into deals with the LeaseMaker Pro iPhone/iPad App for professionals in the auto industry.

Fast, accurate and a pleasure to use. Works anywhere (no internet connection required) - you can solve your customers' needs on the spot.

Instant calculations, full Regulation M disclosure. Solves leases (including taxes) backwards and forwards.

LeaseMaker Pro Features


  • Built on the same code as our popular LeaseMaker 627b Calculator.

  • Fast (fraction of a second) calculations, easy-to-use, accurate, and a pleasure to use.

  • Runs on iPhones and iPads. Runs anywhere - does not need an internet connection.

  • Program updates are distributed directly to your iPhone or iPad via the App Store.

  • Calculates standard money factor leases, and also calculates six types of simple-interest leases (used by some banks).

  • Easy-to-change Lease Company allows you to quick jump from one leasing company or method to another.

  • Computes new and used car leases (residual amount can be calculated as a percentage of the MSRP + Hard Adds, or entered directly).

  • Calculates very big leases (in the millions of dollars).

  • The drive-off cash and total drive-off amount are calculated.

  • Generates a complete Regulation M disclosure in a second. Output can be copied to the iPhone clipboard and then pasted into emails, notes and iMessages.

  • Hard Adds field for dealer-installed options or used-car add/deducts.

  • The lease can be solved backwards (the desired payment can be entered and the app will calculate the vehicle price).

  • Detailed help and instructions on all input fields is available in the app.

  • Origination fee can be capitalized or paid at drive-off.

  • Registration fees can be capitalized of paid at drive-off.

  • Taxable dealer-adds that are taxable can be entered in the Other-1 field.

  • Extended Warranties and other non-taxed insurance-like products can be entered in the Other-2 field. (No sales tax is applied to these.)

  • Formulas are built in for sales tax calculations for all states.

  • Tax on a downpayment can be capitalized or paid at drive-off. In states where the tax is paid upfront, it can be capitalized for paid at drive-off.

  • Easy-to-change the Sales Tax State - allows you to quickly jump from one state to another. Ideal for dealerships near a state line or for consultants and sales training organizations.

  • Lease Analysis Feature: If turned on, the app will calculate the Total Charges on the lease, the charges per month, the effective monthly payment (includes charges paid up front), and the net proceeds. It also calculates the nominal interest rate, and the Equivalent Interest Rates taking in account the Origination and Disposition fees.

Sample Output

The full Regulation M disclosure appears like this.