523A LoanMaker PC
Calculates Consumer Loans with Credit Insurance
and HOEPA Warning Feature

Main Input Dialog

This is the main input dialog for the LoanMaker 523A.  The data is entered in each of the fields, and then the [Compute] button is clicked to compute the loan.

The LoanMaker PC 523A program calculates installment loans with credit life and accident-&-health (disability) insurance.

Full and truncated credit life and accident-&-health insurance calculations are performed, including the implementation of underwriting limits for maximum amounts and terms.

It supports loans with odd-days by a variety of calendar systems (Actual/365, Actual to first, Actual/360, Federal Calendar).  Interest is calculated by the U.S. Escrow Rule.

The Loan and First Due Dates can be selected from a drop-down calendar -- just click the down arrow to the right of the date.  The program is Year 2000 Compliant.

Includes HOEPA (Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act) warnings -- alerts you when the additional HOEPA disclosure is required.

You can use the new mouse "wheel" to change the values in most input fields, for example, rolling the wheel forward increases the interest rate in 0.25% steps.

This 32-bit program requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP to run.  It has a built-in help system -- just click the question mark icon at the upper-right corner of any dialog and then click on the  field you want help on.

The financial calculator used in this program is also available for mainframe systems - see the LoanMaker LMSP product.


Screen shot of calender used to pick dates.

Drop-down Calendar for Selecting Dates

The Loan Date and First Payment Due Date can be picked from calendars like this one -- just click on the day you want and the date is automatically entered into the program.


Setup Dialog

This dialog controls the insurance rates and limits.  You can make changes here to change
               from one plan to another, and to update your insurance rates as they change from time to time.
               Access to this dialog is controlled by a code to prevent unauthorized people form making changes.

This dialog is used to setup and maintain the credit insurance plan, select the calendar system,  and set other calculation options.

Extensive help is built into the program - just click on the little "?" mark at the upper right corner of any dialog and then click on the field you want help on.

Access to this dialog can be controlled by a password.


HOEPA Setup Dialog
For Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act

This dialog is used to set the criteria to test the computed loan to determine if the additional HOEPA disclosure needs to be made.

If the total fees (including credit insurance premiums, financed fees, and any prepaid finance charge) exceed the greater of the Max Percent or Flat Amount, the program generates the warning (see below).

If the computed APR exceeds the APR Limit (based on the loan term) entered in this dialog, the program generates the warning (see below).

See the HOEPA Final Rule (PDF File).

HOEPA Warning

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Results Window

This window shows the computed loan results.  This is a complete loan disclosure that shows all the information needed to complete a loan agreement.  You can compute several windows like this so you can easily compare loans for the borrower.

Multiple loans can be computed and the results displayed on the screen simultaneously, making it very easy to compare a number of proposals.  The results can be printed or copied to the Windows clipboard.

Demonstration copies are available with your credit insurance plan -- email us at the address at the bottom of this page

The 523A LoanMaker PC is available in a variety of configurations, including Local, Floppy-based (can be run without installing), Enterprise and Network Versions.


Accessing the Setup Dialog

Configuration of the program is done through
the Setup Dialog.

The Setup Dialog can be protected with a password.  Select Set Password... on the Setup Dialog Menu to set, change, or remove a password.  Once a password is set, you will need to enter it each time you wish to view the Setup Dialog.

You can also enter a password hint to help you remember the password.


523A Technical Specifications

Click here for detailed technical specifications.

523A Software Updates

This is a list of the most recent changes together with the date they were made and the PC Software Version number.

The most recent version is at the top of the following list.



Date Version Changes
Jan 2011 Update for Windows 7 and DEP.
Oct 2008 Update credit insurance plans.
Oct 2007 Add credit insurance plans.
Dec 2006 Improvements to installation and Setup Dialog.
Mar 2006 Update New Hampshire insurance rates (effective 4/1/06).
Nov 2005 Modify installation routine.
Jan 2005 Update Ohio credit insurance plan (effective 2/1/05).
Dec 2004 Update NH credit insurance plan.
Mar 2004 Add dual life-type for Ohio credit insurance plan.
Mar 2004 Add RI credit insurance plan with dual life types.
Feb 2004 Update New York disability plans.
Aug 2003 Add MN credit insurance plans.
Jul 2003 Modify Life Type 1 credit life calculations (add I&M discount).
Jul 2003 Update PA life calculation method.
May 2003 Add insurance plans, minor changes, add time-stamp to disclosure.
Jun 2002 Add HOEPA (Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act) warnings feature.
May 2002 Add ability to specify maximum number of days to first payment (range is 30 to 360).  Add Federal (360) Calendar (Actuarial) method of calculating interest in addition the three existing US Rule methods.  Add ability to calculate A.P.R. by Federal Calendar Actuarial method even though interest is calculated by a U.S. Rule method.
Mar 2002 Add groups of plans for lenders who operate in several states.  Add Florida Doc Stamp and Intangible Tax calculations.  Add truncated insurance options to Setup dialog.  Add life types.
Aug 2001 Add/update several insurance plans.
Mar 2001 Show both deviated and undeviated A&H rates in Show Setup if A&H Deviation not 100%.
Add automatic insurance truncation option.
Feb 2001 Add alternate (method B) A&H monthly benefit disclosure.
Dec 2000 Add Joint A&H (disability) insurance.

Change insurance selection check boxes to Single & Joint (rather than Borrower #1 and #2).

Nov 2000 Add help for prepaid charge feature on Setup Dialog.
Jul 2000 Add advanced setup options
Jun 2000 Add option to report adjusted Original Amount of Life Insurance.

Add life type 19 & 43 regular and truncated, add life type 2 truncated.

Remove leading/trailing spaces from password.

Apr 2000 Add password to Setup Dialog, remove older code number system.
Mar 2000 Fix problem when installing in Windows NT.
Dec 1999 Add new New York Reg 27A formulas.
Sep 1999 Initial production release.

Updated 24 Jan 2011