LoanMaker® WebServices


For over 30 years, Promsoft has provided financial computational solutions on a number of platforms, including mainframe computers, personal computers, programmed desktop calculators, and handheld calculators.

The benefits of the fast, accurate and reliable formulas and algorithms built by PROM over these many years are now available through PROM Web Services, enabling any client system with an Internet connection and a standard web browser (including PCs, mainframes, Blackberries, PDA's, web-enabled cell phones) to access the services. Using Web Services, the computational capability is available without regard to client system.

Web Services are very cost effective as there is virtually no maintenance required on the client systems. Major features and benefits are:

  • Fast, accurate computations using time-tested and reliable algorithms.
  • Accessible from any client system with a web browser
    (Windows, Apple, Linux, Blackberry, PDA, web-enabled cellphone).
  • Virtually zero maintenance. No software is installed on client systems;
    you can add and change systems with no hassle.
  • No software update hassles or expense — everyone is running from the same version which can be updated in minutes.
  • Reliable multiple servers in secure data centers.


  • Fast, accurate computations. Promsoft has worked closely with major insurance companies and financial institutions for over 30 years developing and maintaining fast and accurate formulas and algorithms related to credit-insurance and installment loan calculations. These have been implemented on a wide variety of computer systems from mainframe IBMs, mini-computers, PC's, desktop programmable calculators, and handheld programmable calculators.

    The benefits of these highly-rated formulas and algorithms are now available through PROM WebServices via the Internet. WebServices is the the most efficient and cost-effective method yet for providing fast and accurate computational capabilites to users.

    Our experience and knowledge assures you of accurate computations throughout your entire organization, and even to those indirect loan originators and clients you select. And the cost is minimal because PROM WebServices are delivered through any client computer system with an Internet connection.
  • Promsoft WebServices are universally accessible. Any web-browser-equipped computer, Blackberry, PDA or web-enabled cellphone can access our Web Services via an Internet connection. Computations are fast, under a second, even over dial-up modem connections. Bank employees or agents can access our Web Services from home, a remote office, or even a client's office. With a Blackberry, PDA, or web-enabled cellphone, our WebService is available where ever there is service.

    Promsoft WebServices can also be accessed directly by other computer systems and will return the computed results in XML output, enabling them to be integrated into custom front-end and back-end systems.

    Indirect lenders and brokers can access the bank's WebService to obtain accurate computations — eliminating 'bad' loans with computational errors.
  • Virtually zero maintenance time and costs. No software is installed on client systems so there is no software to maintain, install, obtain copy protection codes for (authorization codes), or update. You are free to add and change computer systems at will without having to contact us or go through an involved copy protection transfer procedure. (This provides a big cost savings compared to software installed on individual PC's which often must be reinstalled, and reauthorized, in the case of a system software and/or hardware upgrade. There's no limit to the number of computers that a client can use to access our Web Services.
  • The WebService can be updated and immediately every user gets the new, updated version. There's no need to track down out-dated copies of programs which are possibly no longer permitted to be used because of insurance plan or regulation changes. There's no uninstalling the old version and installing the new version on dozens of hundreds of PC's. Software maintenance costs are minimal, far less than any client-installed software system, and only involve maintaining the Internet browser and connection.
  • Cost is reasonable and is based on actual usage. Usage is averaged over time, so peaks in usage over a seasonal period does not increase cost, and you can use as many systems as you want to access the WebService during peak systems without having to purchase additional licenses and install software.
  • Our servers are in data centers with 24-hour security and multiple power sources, including backup power. Redundant servers provide maximum reliability.

See How Easy It Is To Use

For more details, we invite you to read about our i23a WebService for installment loans. This is based on our popular LoanMaker products and has all the special calculation features required for fast, accurate and reliable installment loan calculations.

Our LoanMaker 23a App
for the iPhone/iPad has all the same capabilities as the i23a WebService.

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