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Our original LeaseMaker product with several new tax options.  See Frequently Asked Questions and Automotive News article.  Still a very popular, convenient and easy-to-use quoting tool to "Turn more ups into deals." 

Now equipped with a Fuel Cost Comparison Routine that compares the cost of operating two vehicles based on their fuel mileage. Computes the annual and monthly savings, annual operating costs, annual fuel consumption, and percentage savings. Uses both U.S. miles-per-gallon and metric liters-per-100-kilometers systems.

Completely self-contained, this cost-effective calculator is truly portable and can be taken anywhere.  Computes leases in all 50 states.  Also computes retail and balloon loans with dealer reserve and credit insurance.

This calculator computes retail and balloon loans with a 0% interest rate.  The credit-insurance formulas for all states have been enhanced to compute premiums for 0% loans.  And the dealer-reserve routine has been enhanced to do interest-rate buy-down calculations for 0% loans.

The program has the capability to exclude  manufacturer's rebates, capitalized down payment taxes, and other items such as Extended Warranties from sales tax on a lease in both tax-the-price and tax-the-payment states.  This reduces the sales tax and monthly payment.


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