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PROM Software, Inc. of Burlington, Vt., is showing its LeaseMaker pocket lease calculator, which computes and discloses both vehicle loans and leases.

The loan routines compute regular and installment balloon loans with credit life and disability insurance. Regular installment loans can have monthly, weekly or biweekly payments. The payment, vehicle price or down payment can be computed. The balloon payment can be entered or computed as a percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and excess mileage charge is based on the entered number of excess miles and the cost per mile.

Users can enter credit life and disability insurance for any state. All credit insurance rates are installed and maintained by the user and be changed at any time.

The lease routines compute most vehicle leases, including GMAC SmartLease, Ford Red Carpet, Chrysler Gold Key and those from GE Capital Auto Financial Services, Mercedes-Benz Credit Corp., Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp., Toyota Motor Credit Corp. and others.

LeaseMaker also computes the money- or lease-factor type and a variety of simple interest methods. The residual value can be entered as an amount or as a percentage of the MSRP and is adjusted by an excess mileage charge based on the number of excess miles and cost per mile. The payment, vehicle price and down payment or capital cost reduction can be computed.

There is an optional printer for the LeaseMaker that will print the Lease Disclosure/Worksheet and Loan Disclosure.

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