User Guides for PROM Products


A program's User's Guide has the most detailed and up-to-date information regarding program options and configuration.  Many program options will affect the computed results, and the User's Guide explains the various options and their affect on the computations.

Our User's Guides are available for download in PDF format on this web site.  The guides for PROM products are for the most recent version and if you have an older version of a program, some of the features described in the User's Guide may not be present in your program.

User Guides for Apple Applications

23a LoanMaker
23a LoanMaker Guide for Credit Insurance

User Guides for Handheld Products

615A Truth-in-Savings (Banks)
615C Truth-in-Savings (Credit Unions)

623A LoanMaker
623H LoanMaker (O/B Insurance)
623J LoanMaker (New York)
623N LoanMaker (New York new Reg 27A)

627B LeaseMaker (US)
627B LeaseMaker Guide to Credit Insurance
627B Supplement for Lenders & Lessors (Includes APRChecker)


632C Royal Bank of Canada
634C Bank of Montreal/MBANX
638A ScotiaBank
638A Supplement with Setup Codes

648C Setup Guide for Credit Insurance

651F Canadian Mortgage Calculator
671B Mortgage Compliance Tool
691A Picket Placer

User Guides for other products

The following links are to User's Guides for software written for the Sharp PC-1270 Pocket Computer by other companies that are no longer in business. The guides are made available as a convenience only, and PROM does not have any responsibility for the content or accuracy of these User's Guides. PROM cannot provide copies of these programs.

B&G Racing Computer Version 44
B&G Racing Computer Version 51
Focalware 1200 Ver. 2.2 Photography Program