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LeaseMaker 627B
Troubleshooting Guide

"CONFIGURING…" appears when I try to compute a lease or loan.

The Software Cartridge needs to be initialized. See Initializing the Software Cartridge in the 627B User's Guide.

I can't do balloon loans. If the balloon (residual value) prompt does not appear in the loan routine, the balloon feature needs to be enabled.  See Enabling the Balloon Loans in 627B Setup Codes or the 627B User's Guide.
When I enter a rebate, it doesn't reduce the payment. If you want to apply the rebate to reduce the cap cost, you need to enter it as a CASH DOWN amount as well as the REBATE field.   

Printer doesn’t work.

Make sure to enable the printer. Setup code is 9911.  See Enabling the Printer in 627B Setup Codes or the 627B User's Guide.

ERROR 8 occurs when I try to print.

Replace the printer’s batteries and, if possible, make sure the printer is plugged in to the wall.

Display is dim or ERROR 1 or ERROR 4 message appears in screen.

Replace the calculator batteries. See the 627B User's Guide. You may have to initialize the Software Cartridge after replacing the batteries

Calculator won’t run at all.

Check that the Software Cartridge is installed properly in the back of the calculator and that the batteries are okay).

The sales tax is incorrect or for the wrong state.

Set the sales tax state. Make sure the tax rate is correct.  See Setting the Sales Tax State in the 627B User's Guide.

If your state has recently changed their sales tax regulations, you may need to Upgrade your calculator.  Check your Software Series number and the 627B Software Updates.

How do I use more than one lease company?

Set the ASK option for the lease company.
Setup code is 24, and then select "ASK" or enter a 7.

See 627B Setup Codes or Setting the Lease Calculation Method in the 627B User's Guide and use the ASK option.

I don’t get the correct payment when I calculate a lease.

Check the input values to make sure they agree exactly with the lease. Make sure you are using the correct lease type, and that the taxes are handled correctly (capped or paid at drive-off).


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